Sharing the Love of Sailing & Making Memories with a Global Community of Leaders

🇮🇹 Lerici - Sailing Weekend

Spend a weekend on the water with your SDA Bocconi crew! We will be organizing events and parties in the beautiful coastal town of Lerici for over 100 participants across the SDA Bocconi master’s programs.


Welcome to the Sailing Club

Sailing is a metaphor for leadership and teamwork: our activities combine adventure with competition by bringing together students, faculty, and alumni from top international business schools, as well as partners from international organizations.

About Us

What We Care About

Growth through Teamwork & Diversity

Sailing and teamwork go hand in hand - SDA Bocconi Sailing Club, like our university, fosters collaboration with an international and diverse community to enjoy the open water.

Protecting Nature & Our Seas

Sustainability is part of our core at SDA Bocconi and, in Sailing Club, we actively seek out opportunities and partnerships that better the conditions of our oceans and beaches.

Sportsmanship & Passion for Sailing

The world's business landscape is competitive, so SDA Bocconi Sailing Club holds up the ideals of sport and passion that ultimately teach us to be better leaders.

“Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit.”

- Brooks Atkinson